Interesting Facts about the Major Millions Slot Uncovered

major millions

Slot players are always mindful of the fact that when playing slot machines offering one or more progressive jackpots, the chance of them winning a jackpot are going to be tiny, however many of them will be tempted to play such slots and hope for the best.

There is one slot machine that has been around for a number of years that does offer a huge progressive jackpot, and that slot is the Major Millions slot from Microgaming.

It is a 15 pay line slot, but to have any chance of winning its progressive jackpot players are forced to play with all 15 pay lines activated, and the jackpot symbols all need to spin in and line up on the fifteenth pay line to award its progressive jackpot.

Recently there have been some interesting stats discovered about this slot, the first of which is that the chances of landing the progressive jackpot is once every 7,484,400 spins!

That is probably why the jackpot can and often does grow to some massive amounts of cash before a player is lucky enough to win it.

A few additional facts and figures about the Major Millions slot which players are going to find of great interest is that the chances of getting five jackpot symbols on any other line rather than the 15th pay line is one in every 534,600 spins.

The chances of spinning in the five scatter symbols which awards a payout of 50 times a players total stake is much lower though, for that should occur on average once every 3,850 spins.

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