Jenkins in Kentucky Switch from Coal to Slot Machines

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Like many towns and cities across the U.S, Jenkins over in Kentucky is a place steeped in history, however it was a place built on the coal mining industry, which sadly has been decimated in recent years.

But what the locals are pinning their hopes on to secure their future for generations to come is that a new land based casino will be given permission to be built there, and that may be about to happen in the very near future.

A group of investors have clubbed together in the hope that a new casino resort will be given the green light to open in Jenkins, and that venue will go by the name of the Raven Rock Casino Resort.

With unemployment rates higher than average the local Mayor is eager for that new venue to be built, for without a new source of revenue the future looks bleak.

In fact, over the years there has been something of an exodus of people from Jenkins, and those that are fully employed there do have to make a long car journey to get to work, with most locals travelling around 45 minutes to get to their place of work many miles away.

If the new casino does get permission to be built it is expected to be a venue which will employ around 1000 people and with an average salary on offer of around $50,000 that will certainly help the local community.

Plus, with estimates that the casino resort will generate at least $1million in taxes alone that will help the local community out somewhat.

The only thing that is stopping the casino from being built currently is that Kentucky law bans casino gambling in any shape or form, and as such there is going to have to be a change in that law for the resort to be built.

But if there is a change in the law it would take around two years for the casino resort to be built and opened, and all things considered it does look like there may be about to be a change in the law looking at how other U.S states have embraced and benefited from the gambling industry. 

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