Keno Player Win Big in Kansas

happy businessman with heap of money

There are a few ways that you can play Keno, you could play on a Keno machine and have hours of fun and plenty of winning opportunities, or you could play in one of the sadly now diminishing number of keno Lounges, or you could even play the potentially huge paying Kansas Lottery Keno game.

That is exactly what a man from Salina did recently, in fact that player, Richard Bronson, has a set routine most days which sees him buying a ticket from Dillon’s before lunch then later on he buys another one when out and about.

He prefers playing the 8 spot Keno ticket, and as luck would have it he recently managed to win a huge jackpot on one ticket he bought, however he was blissfully unaware that he had won.

He usually watches the live draw taking place when in a local bar, however, on the day in question he missed the numbers being drawn and as players can do he wandered over to the keno terminal to check whether his numbers had come up.

However, when he did so the terminal told him he had to redeem his ticket in Topeka, which was an indication he had won something substantial.

He asked his daughter to get in touch with the Kansas Lottery office on his behalf to see just how much he had won, and must have been delighted when she got back to him telling him that he had won a tad over $20,000.

Richard has stated that he hasn’t a clue what he is going to spent his new found wealth on, and maybe, he says, he will simply put it in the bank until the value of that win has sunk in.

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