Laughlin River Lodge is the Ultimate Slot Players Paradise

very happy slot players

Laughlin in Nevada is one of those towns that have been built on gambling, and with its own strip of casinos located on the absolutely stunning banks of the Colorado River, it is a hidden gem of a place and one that offers a much more relaxed type of experience than nearby Las Vegas.

However, much like in every other gambling destination, competition between the casinos located in Laughlin is strong, and each casino will of course offer something different for gamblers, but at the end of the day it is value that gamblers are always going to be seeking out.

The Laughlin River Lodge is a huge casino resort, and is one of the now sadly small handful of casinos located in Laughlin that does not charge resort fees, however there is much more to that casino than first meets the eye.

The management have decided that value is what they are going to be offering their customers, and they do that in many different ways other than not charging their hotel guests the dreaded resort fees.

One very noticeable feature is the fees their customer care charged for using an ATM, nearby casinos will charge customers $4.99, $5.99 and in some instances as much as $9.99 for simply withdrawing cash from their ATM’s, but at the Laughlin River Lodge their ATM fees are as low as just $2.

Slot players are going to love the point multipliers they will earn on their players card, for each slot machine on the gaming floor has a sign above it indicating the points multipliers players earn when playing them, and in some instances those point multipliers are as high as x100.

With draft lager costing as little as $1 and with the gift shop selling cigarettes for a fraction of the price of nearby casinos, this is certainly a place for gamblers to visit and get that all important value often missing from other casino resorts.

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