Long Beach Casino Location Approved


It was widely reported and speculated that when the Mississippi Gaming Commission met yesterday to discuss the possibility of approving a location somewhere in the state for a new casino and then voting on that too, they would vote overwhelming to permit a new casino to be built.

That is exactly what they did do, and the location that has been approved will also come as no surprise to anybody that has been following this news story, for it is in Long Beach that it will be built.

The board members did in fact visit Long Beach way back in November to look at possible sites that could be used as the home for a new casino, and due to them needing more time to consider the pros and cons of building a casino there, the vote was postponed until yesterday.

There have been some rules set in place by the Gaming Commission regarding that venue, for initially the company that does win the license to build it and operate it must prove they have the secured finances to complete the property.

The size of the gaming floor must also be within the guidelines set by the Gaming Commission and it must also have an adjoining hotel complete with 300 rooms and offer a restaurant to customers.

What is now expected to happen is that many casino owners and operators will throw their hats into the ring so to speak in the hope that they are the one that can impress the Gaming Commission with their proposals to build that casino, and those applications are bound to start flooding in sooner rather than later.

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