Lucky Dragon Casino to Become a Boutique Conference Centre

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It was only going to be a matter of time before the shuttered Lucky Dragon Casino over in Las Vegas finally found itself a new owner, and it appears that day has arrived, with Ahern Rental having placed a bid for the property and that bid being readily accepted.

The Lucky Dragon Casino opened only recently in December of 2016; however, it soon became obvious to those in the industry and the staff working inside the mini casino resort, that the first brand new casino to be built in six years, in Vegas which that casino had the honour of being, wasn’t going to be around for very long.

They had aimed to attract mainly Asian customers, however, the crowds didn’t flock to the casino or its adjoining nine storey hotel, and despite the best efforts of the owner, it closed not long after it opened.

It was the main lender that took ownership of the property, and despite them putting the casino and hotel up for sale by a public auction, it was the lender, Snow Covered Capital, which gained full control of the property after making the only bid at the auction.

Ahern Rentals have purchased the property from SCC for $36million, and they are planning on renaming the property and converting it into a conference and convention type venue. However due to the size of the property it is expected to be something of a boutique conference and convention centre.

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