Macon County Suffering Through Seizure of Bingo Equipment

bingo balls

When the State seized the bingo equipment at Victory Land, that immediately sounded the death knell for avid players. However, the loss of revenue from that venue has had a negative effect on the income generated for the venue and local area, too.

So much so that Pebblin Warren a member of the Alabama House of Representatives urged yesterday a House Committee to approve a bill that will see bingo operations being returned to Macon County at dog tracks.

She stated that by using the same type of electronic bingo machines used at the venues operated by the Poarch Band of Creek Indians, those machines will enable the county to restore the taxable income generated by those machines which is desperately needed.

The problem with electronic bingo machines the Alabama Supreme Court has ruled is that they are too much like slot machines in their design, and whilst bingo is deemed to be legal in Macon County when played in the old fashion way, offering electronic bingo machines is not legal.

The proposal will go to a vote shortly, and hopefully it will be passed, for many jobs have been lost with the removal of those electronic gaming machines, which could be brought back if they are legalised.

Those machines had proven to be very popular with players and many players had been upset about their removal. However, as is always the case with gaming laws and regulations it will be down to whether the House Committee sees fit to approve their return.

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