Major Scam Uncovered at Florida Casino

Warning of Scam

Between January 2011 until May 2015 the slot machine income generated at a Miccosukee tribe casino in Florida had not been as high as it should have been, and over those four years a team of employees at that casino have been ripping off the gaming machines.

In fact, eight people, of which four were one-time employees that had worked at that casino have now be charged with a large range of offences including computer fraud, making false statements to law enforcement officers and money laundering.

It would appear, that an almost foolproof scheme was hatched by those employees who would tamper with the slot machines at that casino and generate illegally obtained winning ticket in ticket out vouchers and would then set using other members of the team not employed by the casino to go about cashing them in.

The finer details of how they managed to generate those vouchers has not yet been revealed, but what is known is that over $5million has been scammed from the casino whilst the scam was in operation.

The management and security team at the casino, which is owned and operated by the Miccosukee tribe, is are helping police with the investigation, which is now at the stage where those eight people have been charged and await trail.

The illegally obtained funds were used, it is alleged, to pay for vehicles for the gang, college funds, also investments and real estate purchases and some 63 indictment charges have been laid down against the eight people.

If found guilty this could be one of the largest ever recorded casino scams, however one must ask how anyone was able to pull off such a large-scale scam unnoticed for over four years.

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