Mark Twain Casino in Trouble with the Missouri Gaming Commission

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Land based casinos do, of course, have to ensure they keep their customers happy, as that way those gamblers are much more likely to return and gamble again. However, they are also legally obliged to keep their respective gaming commissions and licensing authorities happy, too.

This means that they are expected to comply with all regulations laid down to them by regulators and can also be subject to an audit of their operations at any time.

The Mark Twain Casino in LaGrange appear to have fallen foul of several regulations they are required to adhere to regarding the way they operate their casino, and as such now face some very hefty fines for those violations from the Missouri Gaming Commission.

Those violations include one which allowed casino hosts to void out customer point redemptions, and whilst that is something casino employees are permitted to do as and when required it is only supervisors that are permitted to do so as per the Commissions’ regulations.

The casino is also found to have failed to taken any action or investigated when there were any cashless meter discrepancies between gaming machines and their data systems and made no attempt to reconcile those discrepancies.

The casino is also alleged to have made no effort to inform the Electronic Gaming Device Coordinator at the Missouri Gaming Commission of those cashless variances and discrepancies which is something they are also legally required to do.

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