Mass Shooting at Emerald Casino in Montana

crime scene tape with red and blue lights on the background

It is a place which is often described as being sleepy and one in which nothing tends to faze local residents. However, those local residents in Great Falls, Montana, woke up to some shocking news on Tuesday morning, and that news was that there had been a mass shooting at a small local land based casino.

The casino at which that mass shooting took place was the Emerald Casino, and it was around 2am on Tuesday morning that police were alerted to the incident and they descended onto the property en masse.

When police arrived three people were found to have been shot dead, with a fourth victim still alive, that person was quickly transported to a local hospital and early reports indicate that they are going to recover.

The shooter had made his escape before police arrived at the casino however an operation way quickly put into place to try and locate him, with a lock down on all roads in the area.

It was some four hours after the shootings that police located the suspect and shots were exchanged several blocks away from the casino, with one local resident describing that shootout like something out of the Wild West, and that shootout resulted in the main suspect being shot dead, no injuries have been reported by police officers involved in the incident.

Police are now investigating what was the cause of the shooting and whether anything could have been done to prevent it, to date they have not named the suspect shot dead however he is believed to be a local man.

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