Metro Police Hunt Handsome Thief with a Man Bun!


When visiting Las Vegas, probably much more so in the Downtown area, you are going to see everything. That includes plenty of Elvis impersonators, men and women scantily clad and it is fair to say all walks of life will pass you by.

However, the Metro Police Department are eager to speak to a man that has been labelled as the “Man Bun Thief” for they believe that he has been targeting victims in many of the Downtown casinos and robbing them but in such a way they don’t immediately know they have been robbed.

The thief has what many people would describe as stunning good looks, but it is the fact he wears his hair in a bun that does make him stand out in an unusual way.

He doesn’t commit the crimes alone for he has been spotted and picked up on CCTV as having an accomplice with him, but they are not sure whether that second person is aware of his friends crimes or not, and whether he does use his good looks to distract his victims is a possibility but unknown.

The problem police do have is that whilst some of the crimes committed get reported by the victim, if someone steals a purse or wallet it is possible that the victim simply thinks they have lost it.

Therefore police are advising anybody that feels they have been the victim of a crime when inside a casino should report it to the casino security department as they will be able to review CCTV footage.

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