MGM Becomes Embroiled in Transphobia Row

Transgender Sign

Every Sunday and on all major holidays, Alexus Tate takes the trip to the Gold Strike Casino over in Tunica County, and gets stuck in playing her favourite casino games.

However, upon a recent visit the day following Thanksgiving Day, something happened that has left a sour taste in her mouth and has upset her greatly.

She made a quick and needed stop at the restroom in the property, however she was then stopped she says by a security guard who informed her in no uncertain terms that “you don’t belong in there”.

What does need to be mentioned at this point is that Tate was in fact born a man, and as she has identified as a woman for over six years now, she did of course visit the women’s restroom as she always does.

When she came out of the restroom she says that a security guard then demanded to see her identification, causing her great embarrassment.

In fact, she has also stated that one of the cleaning staff at the casino said that the security guard said whilst she was in the restroom “why is it in there”.

Upon complaining about her treatment in the casino, she says she did receive a voice message from the President of the casino explaining to her that he was investigating, however they have since stopped calling and she has not had any type of apology or explanation of the security guards behaviour.

The owners of the Gold Strike Casino that being MGM have issued a statement on the incident which acknowledges that the security guard did not respond appropriately and has since been disciplined.

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