MGM Springfield Reports Huge Visitors Numbers

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The huge investment made in building and then opening the MGM Springfield appears to be a gamble that has paid off, for in the first six weeks of the operation of that huge casino resort in Massachusetts visitor numbers have exceeded all expectations.

In fact, it has been reported that over one million people did indeed visit the MGM Springfield Casino in those six weeks leaving behind some $36million in the slot machines and at the gaming tables!

That does of course mean that it is not only MGM that are in the money, so to speak, for as 25% of gambling revenue is handed over to the state, a huge $9million has been paid into the state’s coffers.

The only way a casino is going to survive is by keeping visitor numbers up high and ensuring they build up a loyal player base, and on average a total of 15,000 people visit the MGM Springfield Casino Resort, which a very impressive set of figures, taking into account the location of the casino resort.

The Gambling Commission did also state that they had no regulatory problems in the first few months of the casinos operation. 

The casino did though, feel the need to ban families from making their way across the casino floor, as by doing so they would have no concerns with any underage gambling which could occur with underage people and children tempted to gamble when crossing the casino floor.

Those attractive gambling revenue figures have it would also appear sparked an interest in the Gambling Commission increasing the number of casinos in the state, with them stating that there is a very good chance they will look favourable at any application to open a casino in the south east area of the state next year.

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