Microgaming Celebrates 25 Years of Online Gaming

25th birthday

For online gamblers of a certain age, it will probably be the case that one of the very first online casinos they would have discovered, back in the early years of online gaming was one that used Microgaming software and their range of games.

For it was in 1994 that they launched the very first casino using what at the time was a state of the art software platform, and one that players very quickly warmed to using.

As the years and then the decades ticked by, Microgaming continued to be one of the big names in the industry, and whilst many other casino game designers came and went they continually developed and evolved their gaming platform and massively increased the number of games they launched.

This year celebrates 25 years of operation for Microgaming, and as a company they are just as successful and their games as popular as ever with players as they have always been.

However, these days you will have access to their mobile gaming platform, both an instant play and fully downloadable online gaming platform and they do also offer live casino games, too.

One reason why they have always stayed one step of the competition is that they tend to launch two or three brand new games each month, and as such their portfolio of games now numbers in excess of 850.

Having also recently secured partnerships with other gaming software providers, such as their link up with BOSS Gaming Solutions they continue to expand their reach and their games are now licensed and available in many different countries of the world.

No one knows what the next 25 years of online gaming will bring, but one thing that is probably going to be on offer to casino game players will be plenty of Microgaming designed and developed games.

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