Microgaming’s Major Millions Slot Jackpot Overdue

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It is always going to be beneficial for you if you enjoy playing progressive slot machines online, to be aware of when on average any such slots tend to award their respective progressive jackpots.

As soon as you are aware of the value of each jackpot won on average then you can start comparing those figures with the current jackpots attached to any and all slots offering a life changing top prize, and you will be able to spot which slots have progressives that are higher than the average ones won on those games.

One slot that is overdue to payout is the Major Millions slot, for on average it awards its progressive every  22 days, however its hasn’t done so for 72 days now, so it may not be too long before some lucky player does bag a small fortune when playing it.

As for the average jackpot won on the Major Millions slot, that is some £1,020,673, however when we checked out its jackpot meter some moments ago, it was at £1,186,470 and rising quickly too, so there are plenty of slot players out there who are aware that jackpot is likely to be awarded sooner rather than later.

The only thing that you do need to be aware of when playing the Major Millions slot is that you do need to stake £3 or 3.00 in the currency you have your casino account set at to have any chance of winning that jackpot, for if you play it with stake levels lower than that the progressive element of the game is not activated, so you have no chance of winning it.

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