Mini Roulette Game Not Such a Good Bet


The variety of different Roulette game variants does seem never ending, and no matter where you choose to play these days you are often going to find a large number of variants of that popular table game on offer.

One unusual looking variant is the Mini Roulette game designed and launched by Playtech, the way in which that game plays and pays is much like other Roulette games in as much as players have to place their chips on any straight up number or number grouping and then hope it is spun in.

However, what makes the game completely different to most other variants is that there are just 13 numbers on the wheel, those being the numbers one through to twelve and also one single zero.

If a player bets on any of the number from one to twelve and a zero spins in players get half of their stake money returned to them, which initially looks like a very good deal.

However, when players start to work out the house edge of the game they will discover that on any number other than zero it is 3.85% but that shoots up to a house edge of 7.69% when a player bets on the zero spot.

The French Roulette game has a similar rule in place regarding half of player’s stakes being returned to them when a zero is spun in, and that makes the house edge on that particular variant much more appealing as it is just 1.35%.

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