Mississippi Gaming Commission Viewing Proposed Casino Site

Long Harbour Proposed Casino Site

There will be a delegation from the Mississippi Gambling Commission, paying a visit to Long Beach in the middle of next month, and they will be paying a visit to the proposed site of a new casino which is possibly going to be built opposite the Long Beach Harbor.

The local Mayor, George Bass, is ever hopeful that the location will be given the green light, for if it is then a huge number of jobs will be made available to local residents, and the town will of course benefit from a large increase in visitor numbers, that will help the local area in general.

The mayor is, of course, ever respectful of the local area and is insisting that the proposed casino development be kept in keeping with the harbor. He has suggested that something along the lines of a Key West type theme could be one that the proposed casino will be themed around and modelled on.

Whilst the casino will not be a mega sized one, it is planned to be some 40,000 square feet, which does of course mean there will be more than enough room for the usual plethora of slot and video poker games, and plenty of card and table games too.

However, part and parcel of the rules and regulations stipulated by the Mississippi Gambling Commission, is that the venue must also house a hotel and have dining facilities too. That is something which is being planned, with proposals for at least 300 hotel rooms being put forward by the developers.

There is of course the not so small matter of the states cut of the income generated from that proposed new venue, which is currently being worked out, but as the mayor has said, he needs to ensure those figures are fair and benefit to the local area, too.

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