Monopoly Millionaire Slot Lives up to Its Name

suitcase full of money

Much like the plethora of Buffalo themed slot machines players find in most land based and online casinos, there are also plenty of Monopoly themed slots available, and players have something of a love hate relationship with them.

When playing those board game themed slots it is often the case that players have a high variance type of playing structure ahead of them, which means they can be slot games that can, and often will, gobble up most players bankrolls, rather quickly.

However, one player that is based in Nevada is currently celebrating having just won one of the largest ever jackpots awarded on a Monopoly themed slot.

The player who has chosen to remain anonymous, wandered into the Green Valley Ranch casino a couple of days ago and choose the Monopoly Millionaire slot as the one they would play, as the jackpot hadn’t been won for quite some time and was currently displaying over $2,712,000 on its jackpot meter.

As luck would have it, it wasn’t too long before the player managed to bag that life changing jackpot, which has now been fully verified as being a whopping $2,712,350.53.

All Monopoly Millionaire progressive jackpots are linked and networked to other slots of the same name, and as such the progressive jackpot has now been reset to its seed value of some $400,000.00 and it will probably be quite some time before the next jackpot is awarded on any of them.

It would appear that the winner of that jackpot is also a petrol head, for when asked what they were going to do with their winnings, “buy a Corvette” was the answer that was forthcoming. Either way they are sure to have a very enjoyable New Year knowing that they are now a millionaire in fact they are a Monopoly Millionaire.

Okay, wow… WOW.

$2.7 million to a local guest on Dec 24th is not a bad way to spend the holidays. Congratulations! 🍾💰— Green Valley Ranch (@GVRcasino) December 26, 2018

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