Multiple Vegas Restaurants Taking Part in Veganuary

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It won’t be very long before each month of the year is dedicated to a good cause or lifestyle; in November we do, of course, have Movemeber, in which men folk are encouraged to grow a moustache to highlight men’s health issues.

In fact, October is dedicated to helping people give up smoking and Stoptober as it is known is when people are encouraged to stop smoking with the help of medical professionals or even willpower alone.

.January 2019 has been dedicated to the Vegan lifestyle, and throughout the month many restaurants are offering dedicated Vegan dishes to celebrate that lifestyle through “Veganuary”

Ever eager to cater for the latest trends many standalone restaurants and dining establishments within Las Vegas casino resorts are offering a range of specially prepared Vegan meals, and as such if you fancy giving one of them a try you have plenty of restaurants to choose from.

In fact, there are a total of thirty Vegas based restaurant participating in Veganuary, so it’s fair to say that if you are visiting Vegas you are not going to be very far away from one of them, and will be made more than welcome if you do make a booking.

The NSPCA will also be benefitting from Veganuary in Vegas as many of the participating restaurants will be making a donation to the animal charity once the month is over.

As for just which restaurants are taking part in this event, well some that are proving popular with diners include the Border Grill, and both the Hussong’s Mexican Cantina and Mint Indian Bistro, all of which come highly recommended to Vegas visitors. 

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