National Lottery To Launch Anniversary Campaign

uk national lottery on smartphone

The UK National Lottery will celebrate the 25th anniversary of its founding next year, and this week the organisation has announced that it will be launching a national campaign in order to highlight the money that it has raised for local initiatives and good causes.

Camelot, which operates the Lottery, has asked its new marketing agency Adam&Eve London to develop a message and concept for the campaign, which will aim to showcase what the Lottery has been able to achieve over the last 25 years.

Talking to the media last week, the Director of National Lottery Promotions, Jonathan Tuchner, said that the successes of the Lottery’s funding were not well known aside from its work in supporting projects such as the 2012 London Olympics and the UK Arts Council, and he said that the milestone was an opportunity to raise awareness among the general public:

The 25th anniversary is a moment in time for a step change to make people more aware of the positive contribution and the extraordinary things the National Lottery does across the country.”

Emotive local stories

According to Tuchner, the campaign will aim to convey emotive local stories, while detailing the extent of the Lottery’s support for a wide range of projects.

Earlier this year, Camelot appointed Adam&Eve London as its new marketers, as part of an attempt to revamp its marketing strategy, following declining ticket sales. The Lottery owners will be hoping for an improvement on Adam&Eve’s first campaign for Camelot, called ‘The Fisherman’ which came out in September and met with mixed reactions due to what some described as a stereotyped depiction of the lives of working class people in the UK.

The National Lottery website displayed on smartphone hidden in jeans pocket image from shutterstock

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