Nevada Casinos Generated Over $1b in Revenue in March

Businessman presenting chart

The monthly Nevada based casinos gaming win figures often take several weeks to be revealed by the Nevada Gaming Commission. However, it appears the figures have now all been worked out and as such it has just been announced that for March 2019 the states casinos managed to win some $1.02 billion from gamblers.

Those figures are almost identical to the gaming win figures for March 2018, which is good news for casino operators, as it had been feared they wouldn’t have been as healthy as they were, due to a slight decrease in visitors to Nevada last month.

As for the casinos that managed to earn the lions share of that income, well it will probably not surprise anybody to learn that is was the Vegas Strip based casino that earn the largest chunk of that income, being some $552million, however based on last years figures that income was down some 4%.

Casinos based in South Lake Tahoe and Clark County did see a surprising increase in their gaming win last month, with those areas seeing a huge 8% rise in income last month compared to March last year.

It is not only the parent companies of land-based casinos in Nevada that are eager to see an increase in gaming win, for the state also gets its share of the income generated, which for March was almost $80million.

As for whether April will work out to be a good month for casinos in Nevada, well we will have to wait and see, but early indications show that it is likely to be a month which may just show a sizeable increase in gaming win when compared to the same month last year.

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