New Casino Dominoes Game Popular in Las Vegas

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It is quite rare for land based casinos to launch a brand new table game on their gaming floors, for many of them do, of course, prefer sticking to the tried and tested games such as Baccarat, Roulette and of course the age old classic game of Blackjack.

Well, one casino that has been prepared to buck that trend and go all out to get their customers to play a brand new table game is the Plaza Hotel & Casino over in Last Vegas, and judging by the crowds of people around that new table game, they could be onto a winner.

As the name does somewhat suggest, Casino Dominoes is based on the game of Dominoes but instead of the much more standard domino tiles you will probably be much more used to playing that game with, the casino version of the game uses a decks of playing cards to determine the outcome.

There are no major differences it does have to be said regarding the playing structure and format of this brand new casino table game, and if you have ever played dominoes before you will soon get the hang of playing the card game version.

Players do of course have to aim to for multiples of five when playing, and a range of different payouts can be achieved and awarded to players, the highest of which is 500-1, as such the more points a player earns, the more they stand to win.

Whilst the Plaza Hotel & Casino is the only casino in Las Vegas that currently has that table game on their gaming floor, looking at how many players are showing an interest in it, it probably will not be very long before many other casinos follow suit and get at least one table installed on their gaming floors.

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