New Casino for London’s Mayfair Area Proposed

New Mayfair Casino

There are several casinos in and around the Mayfair area of Central London, and there are of course plenty of people in that area of the capital city who can more than afford to visit such venues.

However, local residents are upset at the thought of another casino opening up in Mayfair and are objecting to an application just made to turn a onetime Grade II listed gentleman’s club into a casino, but it does appear their objections are falling on deaf ears.

Local residents have argued that the streets will become full of money lenders, prostitutes and even drug dealers if the venue was to be granted a change of use and turned into a casino.

Other objectors are of the mind that the area will become a haven for criminals that will increase the street robbery rate, someone even suggested that the number of murders in Mayfair would sky rocket if the casino was given the green light.

Complaints have also been stated that local children, fast asleep in their bedrooms, would be affected by the smoke from any outside smoking area the casino offered if they were sleeping with their bedroom windows open.

On the balance of form though it does appear that the company who have applied for a change of use for the property to be turned into a casino are going to be given the approval to do so. In regards to just how many people are expected to visit it each day, it has been suggested that the venue will hold around 140 customers and there will be around 240 customers per day visiting the casino.

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