New Casino May be Coming to Liverpool UK

Judge Approving Contract Form

It has certainly been a while since a casino operator, individual or even property developer has submitted plans and an application to open a new casino in the UK, however if one company gets its wishes Liverpool may soon have a brand new casino.

It is the currently empty former George Henry Lee’s building that has caught the attention of Niboco, they are a property developer who have big plans for that building located on Williamson Square.

They have submitted a planning application to Liverpool Council for change of use and wish to turn it into a hotel and casino with a nightclub also located on one of its floors.

It won’t be very long before Niboco discover whether their grand plans have been approved or rejected by the planning department, for they are going to be reviewing that application and making a decision on it this coming Tuesday.

The building had been occupied by John Lewis the retailer, however they decided the store was no longer financially viable and relocated it to much more suitable premises, and the property has stood empty ever since.

As for whether the council will approve the application, well that remains to be seen, but there will certainly be plenty of customers eager to visit it if it does open, for the catchment area is of course huge, which is something that does always get factored into whether such change of use planning applications are given the green light or not.

The lowering of stakes of bookmakers FOBT machines will also see additional gamblers on the lookout for somewhere else to gamble, which does massively improve the chances of success for the casino if planning is approved.

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