New Casino Security Systems Being Adopted in Macau

Security CCTV camera in office building

With the increase in terrorism, along with the ever-real threat of casino cheating and smash and grab type casino robberies at land-based casinos, the companies that operate such venues need to have in place very high spec security systems.

Over in Macau, for example, one major land-based casino is about to get a major overhaul in their security and surveillance systems having just signed multi-million-dollar deal with Synectics who are the leaders in the field of casino security systems.

Synectics have been massively increasing their global reach in recent years and this contract marks another major customer in Asia, with many more expected to come onboard in the coming year.

Casino operators have always been aware that due to their huge customer footfall they are going to be a possible target for a terrorist attack, and whilst there hasn’t been any specific threats in Macau, it is something those operators need to be conscious of and have systems in place that will allow their security teams to react instantly if such an attack takes place.

Casino cheats are another reason why all land based casinos do need the very latest and most up to date security systems in place, for with fraudsters getting more and more technically advanced with their cheating devices, it can often be the case that a casino will not become aware that they have been a victim to a high tech team of casino cheats until they have long left the venue.

Gamblers are also demanding that any casinos they visit these days are safe places and ones at which should an incident occur they know they are always going to be looked after.

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