New Chatham Casino Could Open Early

Retro metal sign " Come in we're open"

There had been plans to open the brand new land based casino in Chatham on August the 15th of this year, however, thanks to the sheer speed at which the venue has been built, it now looks like it could be opening several weeks early, in fact the opening day could be the 1st of July this year.

Over $26million has been spent on that new Chatham casino and anybody passing by it will notice that construction workers are now putting the finishing touches to the exterior of the building, and they will then move inside to put the finishing touches to the property.

The casino itself is going to be offering customers a huge 45,000 square foot gaming floor on which there is planned to be some 333 slot and gaming machines of every possible type and description along with some 12 gaming tables. A restaurant, pub and buffet will be available inside the venue, too.

In total some 200 local people will be employed by the casino which will be a mix of newly taken on and trained staff along with experienced personnel that have shown an interest in moving from the company’s slot machine arm over in Dresden.

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