New Encore Casino Everett Standing Proud

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The finishing touches are now being put into place regarding the brand new Encore Casino in Everett, and it won’t be very long now until that property opens its shiny front doors to a very eager gambling public.

It is however, the location of the Encore in Everett that is unusual, for whilst there is no getting away from the fact it is a stunning gold colour building, it does overlook the nearby power plant, so its location couldn’t ever be called perfect.

However, the owner of that building is still waiting to hear if they are going to be able to legally open it, for the Encore’s gaming license is about to be debated and reviewed due to the allegations of sexual misconduct by the onetime company boss Steve Wynn.

The sheer amount of money that has been spent on construction of the new Encore Casino is, as you would expect, huge at some $2.5billion, and a large chunk of that cost was used to clean up the toxic area surrounding the property.

Taking a step back though, the urgent review of the gambling license issued to the Encore should be sorted out, and it would be something of a major shock if the gambling commission did pull the license and the venues’ future would then be seriously in doubt.

Much more so as the property is almost good to go and it shouldn’t be very long now before it will be opening its doors, if the gambling commission do look mercifully at the situation.

As far as whether the casino resort will be a success, that is probably a foregone conclusion, for many locals are eager to get inside and gamble, and it probably won’t be very much longer before they are going to be able to do just that.

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