New Japanese Casinos Must be Huge

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The Japanese government has been very busy recently, trying to put together a set of common standards for casino resorts that they will be granting permission to be built for the very first time there.

However, they do seem to be adamant that those venues need to be hugely successful, and as such one of the requirements they have decided need to be put into place is that Japanese casino resorts must have huge hotels attached to them, so large in fact they will be some of the largest ones in the country.

Based on current figures that most hotel rooms in the country are around 50 square metres in size, and as they are demanding that each casino resort offers at least 100,000 meters of hotel room floor space that would equate to some 2000 rooms at each casino resort needing to be built.

They are faced with ensuring those casinos are of a size and standard that will enable to operators to compete with casinos in Singapore, Macau and South Korea, and ensuring that they will be big enough is part and parcel of that.

It is not only the size of the hotel accommodation that a casino resort must offer their customers that the Japanese government are eager to have regulations in place for, but they are also going to demand that there is a suitably huge conference room available at each of them, too.

As such they will be require that a venue is easily capable of holding some 6,000 people in total and therefore each conference room built must measure some 120,000 square metres in size.

However, quite strangely, the government had requested that the actual gaming floor of each casino is to be set at slightly less than 3% of the total resort space, so there is the onus on the venue owner to ensure they have a huge conference room and plenty of room dedicated to the hotel, as that way they can have a large gaming area.

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