New MGM Springfield Casino Exceeding Predicted Expectations

Mgm Springfield

The brand new MGM Springfield Casino resort in Massachusetts is proving to be much more popular than was predicted, and one full month after they opened the doors of this latest addition to their land based casino operation, visitor numbers are well ahead of all initial predictions.

It was hoped that on average the casino would pull in-between fifteen thousand and twenty thousand visitors each day, however current figures show that there are on average twenty five thousand visitors on weekdays and almost double that figure at weekends.

It was a risky gamble for MGM, taking the decision to apply for the required license to open the property and then spending not far off $1billion building the property, but if those visitor numbers remain as high as they are, and there is no reason why they shouldn’t, then it will be a gamble that has paid off for MGM.

It is of course not only the company that will benefit from the success of the venue, for the state will be collecting around 25% of the venues raised revenues too, and as the initial predicted revenue figures produced by MGM was aiming for income of around $500million per annum, you can see why the state itself will be celebrating the success of the casino resort too!

It does of course remain to be seen if the MGM Springfield can continue to be popular with visitors, however there is nothing to suggest those figures are going to drop any time some, for there is no doubting the local catchment area for customers is enormous.

The only figure that the casino resort is not meeting its expected target on is the number of female employees, for the company had been hoping for a 50/50 split of male and female but currently the split is 46% women and 54% men.

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