New Wasaga Beach Casino Given Approval

Wasaga Beach New Casino

The Mayor of Wasaga Beach has quite excitedly announced that a brand new casino and entertainment complex has been given the green light to be built in the town, and his team are currently trying to determine just where that property should be built.

The discussions as to whether a new casino could find a home and be built somewhere in Wasaga Beach have been ongoing for many months now. However, as the powers that be are all in agreement that such a place would be beneficial to the surrounding area, it will only be a matter of time as to when ground is broken on the new site.

The exact location of where the new casino will be built is still open to debate, for currently there are five locations that look ideal for the casino to be built at, and over the coming months a vote will be held to determine just where it will be built.

One of the main reasons why the Mayor appeared excited as to the announcement of the new casino and adjoining entertainment complex in Wasaga Beach is that there will of course be plenty of jobs that become available when it opens.

He went on to say that he is expecting around 400 jobs, all of which will be, in his words, well paying jobs being created once the casino opens, and not only that but the town will also benefit from the income generated by the venue, and the towns coffers are expected to be swelled annually by a not insignificant $1.5million to $2million.

Whilst the casino isn’t going to be a mega casino destination, it is expected to be home to some 120 gaming machines, and will have at least some 20 gaming tables too.

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