No Changes yet at the Edgewater and Colorado Bello Casinos


The two most recent casinos to join the Golden Entertainment Group are the Colorado Belle Casino and its sister property located next door, that being the Edgewater Casino.

Those two casinos were a surprise purchase, for Golden Entertainment had just paid a fortune for the Stratosphere Casino, the Aquarius Casino and the two Arizona Charlie’s casinos, too.

Whilst the Stratosphere or as it is to be rebranded to, the Strat is having millions poured into it, and that money being spent is certainly noticeable to anybody that does visit the casino, there have been no changes whatsoever to the two new additions to the company.

Many people are speculating that there are big things planned for those two new casinos, and it is fair to say that both of them do need some major remodelling to make them more appealing to visitors.

However, if there is one thing that Golden Entertainment does know how to do it is to run casinos, and one can only imagine what they have planned for those two properties.

The one unusual aspect of them is that they are all side by side with the Aquarius Casino in Laughlin, which means the first four casinos visitors to Laughlin pass by are all owned by the same company.

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