No On-Site Online Gambling Permitted Inside Pennsylvania Casinos

Pennsylvania Online Land Based Gambling

Online gambling licenses are being handed out in large numbers to a great number of land based casino operators across the US, as more and more individual states have given the green light on such venues applying for such a license and operating their own online gambling related websites.

However, over in Pennsylvania, the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board have decreed that any land based casino that does get awarded one of their online gambling licenses must not permit gamblers to log into any online gambling site operated by that license holder from within their properties!

That does seem a rather bizarre situation, for as long as a gambler is within the Pennsylvania state boundaries, they will not experience any problems being able to sign up and gamble at any PGCB regulated online gambling site, but they will not be allowed to do so if they step foot in any land based casinos there.

It may be difficult to see why this would be the case would be the case, for in other US states, gamblers are permitted to log into an online gaming site no matter where they are, as long as they are within that states boundaries, and are of course old enough to gamble.

Maybe it is the case that the local taxes payable are much higher in a land based casino that the state gets from online gambling activities, and as such, the state wouldn’t want to get a smaller cut of the gambling revenue of a casino property from online gambling inside those venues.

One thing that did also appear unusual, is that the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board has only a limited number of online gambling licenses that they are prepared to issue, and as such not all land based casinos located there can be guaranteed of getting such a license.

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