Norfolk Casino Could Take Years for Approval

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It is now no secret that the Pumunkey Indian Tribe are currently deep in negotiations with the City of Norfolk. They are currently attempting to secure the purchase of city owned land spread across some 20 acres. They are hoping that this will then pave the way for their huge casino resort which they are looking to build on that land.

The Tribe has set aside a huge amount of cash to build the resort, estimated to be at least $700 million, and with impressive plans for the property that will sit on the banks of the Elizabeth River they have some ambitious plans.

The casino resort will, of course, boast a huge gaming floor, but will also be one that has a large hotel attached to it, and if all goes to plan an entertainment venue within it, along with a range of restaurants and a luxury spa too.

But there is one slight problem that could see the actual ground breaking of the land being delayed if the city does agree to the sale of that land. That is the project does need to get federal approval to go ahead, even if the land is sold to the tribe by the city for the purpose of building a casino resort.

Three sets of major criteria also have to be met for any casino project to be given the green light. However, whilst there should be no problem with the Tribe meeting those criteria, which include having eligible gaming lands, approval from the National Indian Gaming Commission and Department of Interior, it is the federal approval that can take quite some time.

That approval could take eight or more years to obtain, and whilst it could be forthcoming much quicker, on average it is usually around the eight year mark from submitting proposals for such a project that federal approval is finally forthcoming.

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