Norfolk, Virginia to Get a World Class Casino Resort

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The Pamunkey Indian Tribe have their hearts and minds set on building and opening a brand new casino resort in Norfolk, Virginia, and it would appear that city officials are more than happy to allow them to do so.

In fact, Kenny Alexander the Mayor of Norfolk was singing the praises of the Tribe and their proposal to build a huge casino resort on the banks of the Elizabeth River, and says it is just what the local area needs to help increase and secure the financial stability of the area.

The location of proposed casino has already been decided, for if permission is granted for the casino resort it will be positioned on a parking lot that is located between the Amtrak Station and Harbor Park.

If all goes to plan then it will be the first casino to have been granted permission to be built and operate in the local area, and from all accounts it would be a major draw for visitors and local residents alike.

The land is owned by the City and as such an agreement needs to be put into place for the sale of the land which is some 20 acres, however, the way that the Mayor is raving about the property it should face no major problems in getting the required permissions to be built and operated.

The only stumbling blocks are that the City needs to agree a price for the sale of the land on which the casino resort is to be built, and the casino resort does need to be fully approved by the federal government too.

However, if all does go to plan it shouldn’t be very long before ground breaking starts and the property then starts to be built.

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