Not all Video Poker Pay Tables are Created Equal!


They are the most sought after gaming machines found in any casino playing environment, and that is due to the fact that their payout percentages are some of the highest of any type of games of chance, and those gaming machines are, of course, video poker games.

Players these days want to have complete peace of mind in knowing that not only are the online and mobile casino sites they are playing at going to pay them out when they win, but they also want to know they are accessing a large and diverse range of fair and random games, too.

Thanks to the efforts that Microgaming have gone to over the years regarding having their entire suite of casino games tested and certified as being 100% fair, random and true, many players do much prefer playing their range of games.

As for the video poker games that have the best paying pay tables, well Microgaming have certainly released plenty of different variants over the years.

Their Jacks or Better game for example has a pay table that returns some 99.54% of player’s stakes over the long term when played optimally, and their multi-hand Deuces Wild video poker game has a pay table that returns some 99.37% of player’s stakes.

Another popular variant of video poker from Microgaming is the All American game on which the long term expected RTP is some 99.38%. 

However, the video poker game that has by far and away the very highest RTP, and the one that all players should learn how to play optimally is the All Aces variant, for when you do play it with the very best playing strategy the long term expected RTP is huge at some 99.92%.

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