Nova Scotia Government Plan on Relaxing Self Exclusion Rules

Nova Scotia Casino

Gambling is of course a risky business, much more so if you are a gambler who is experiencing problems controlling the amount of time and the amount of cash you spend when gambling in any venue.

There has, however, always been plenty of ways that gamblers are able to take steps and put into place a strategy that will allow those experiencing gambling problems to limit their access to gambling venues such as casinos.

One way has been by requesting a self exclusion from a casino, and by requesting one you will then be effectively banned from each casino you have self excluded yourself from for life. Therefore you will never be tempted and in fact will not be able to gamble at those venues ever again.

However, over in Nova Scotia, gamblers who are experiencing problems may soon be able to decide just how long their self exclusion should last for, as opposed to being banned from a casino for life.

It has been suggested that changing the self exclusion rules is simply a way for the government and casino operators to be able to cash in from people who are experiencing gambling problems, for by giving them a choice of just how long to be self excluded for, they could pick a short amount of time, and may not be able to control their urges to gamble again once the self exclusion has expired.

This proposal if accepted and put into law will not take effect this year; however it is expected to become the norm next year if passed by law makers.

Whether this is a good idea or not remains to be seen, but it is often the case that gamblers who are prone to gambling too much money are likely to do so for the rest of their lives if temptation is put in their way, unless they have been able to self exclude from their local casinos.

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