Nuns Go Wild in Vegas – With Stolen Money

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Whilst gambling problems are never to be taken lightly, one news story that certainly will have put a smile on plenty of people’s faces this morning is the one involving two nuns who have just be found guilty of embezzling funds from the Catholic school they oversaw.

Those two nuns are Mary Margaret Kreuper and Lana Chang, and it would appear that they had been using their ill-gotten gains to let their hair down and live the highlife in Las Vegas over a ten year period!

The sheer amount of cash they stole over a decade amounted to well over half a million dollars, and the school that has no chance what so ever of getting that money back is St. James Catholic School in Torrance, California.

Their modus operandi was not the most ingenious, for they simply stole checks that were to pay for the pupils tuition fees, and they concocted a story between them that the school was running to some very tight budgets if anyone noticed the services and facilities at the school were somewhat lacking.

However, it would appear that they are not going to face a life behind bars for their crimes, for proving that God does forgive sinners who repent, as they surely have done, the Archbishop has decreed that he isn’t going to press legal charges, but in his words, will br imposing on both of them some “severe sanctions” to help get them back onto the straight and narrow.

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