Ocean Resort Casino New Owner Still Not Named

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There is something of an air of mystery surrounding the Ocean Resort Casino over in Atlantic City, for it was announced around a week ago that the casino would be sold, but as yet the new owner hasn’t been named.

This has led to all manner of speculation and rumours as to who that new owner could be, however what is known is that Bruce Deifik who is the current owner of the property would be keeping a small non controlling interest in it.

The new owner will need to be named sooner rather than later, for there is the legal matter of the change of name on the gaming license and other such legal requirements, but it will certainly be interesting to see how much the new owner has paid for the property.

For quite a number of people it comes as no real surprise that Bruce Deifik has chosen to sell the property on, for he bought it for a fraction of its original building cost when it went bankrupt not that long ago, and having reopened the property and got it trading again, and with the upturn in the U.S economy the venue is a perfect investment for any major company.

There have been no changes whatsoever regarding the many people and small businesses that lease space inside the property to run their own respective businesses, with all of them reporting it is business as usual for them.

The first indication of who any new owner is will be revealed at the Atlantic County Clerk’s Office as that were the transaction needs to be registered, however experience has shown that it can take up to two full weeks before such transactions become public knowledge and are made available.

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