Ocean Resort Casino Offers a Safe Haven for Evacuees

Ocean Resort Atlantic City

Warnings have been given for people living on the East Coast of the USA to find a place of safely with the hurricane that is set to hit that part of America this week, and that does pose something of a problem for those that are moving out of its path, and that is where they can go.

Well, over in Atlantic City the owner of the Ocean Resort Casino has announced that anybody that is fleeing that very powerful storm can stay at his resort of free!

That is of course a very generous offer, but one that could be abused, however if you are looking for somewhere safe to stay then as long as you have identification with you then you are going to be able to stay there for free until the all clear is given.

As long as there are rooms still available, the owner stated then people will not be turned away.

As the casino resort has some 1399 rooms, there is plenty of them available, and they will be available on a first come first served basis. In fact, it was back in June that the Ocean Resort reopened having been closed since 2014.

For reference states of emergency have been decaled in Georgia, Virginia and North and South Carolina have declared states of emergency, and whilst many people are evacuating to a place of safety there are still some people who are not prepared to move for one reason or another and have chosen to stay at home and ride out the storm.

If you do wish to contact the Ocean Resort you can do so by visiting their website, or make contact with them via their toll free phone numbers.

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