Online Casino Sponsors the New York Jets

New York Jets 888 Sponsorship

It only was to be a matter of time before an online casino decided to take advantage of the recent Supreme Courts ruling in the USA regarding lifting the ban on sports betting, and one popular online casino and gambling site has stepped forward to sponsor the shirts of the New York Jets.

That gambling company is 888 Holdings, who it is fair to say, are one of the largest owners and operators of gambling sites all over the world, and they are hoping that shirt sponsorship deal is going to get them noticed by a huge number of new customers across the USA.

It can be financially beneficial for gambling related companies to sponsor teams involved in any sports, for in the UK many of them have been doing just that for a number of years now, and a huge percentage of football teams are sponsored by betting and gambling companies.

There is of course money to be made by the teams, for agreeing to allow a betting company to have their logos emblazed across the shirts of any team is going to cost them some huge amounts of cash which will go into the coffers of each team they sponsor.

As is to be expected plenty of people are showing their displeasure at this sponsorship deal and are citing problem gamblers as a reason why such companies shouldn’t be tying themselves up with any type of team involved in any type of sport.

However, money does talk in the sporting world and it is expected that we will see a growing number of additional betting and gambling companies go down the same route as 888 Holdings moving forward. So don’t be surprised to see more and more teams proudly displaying the name of sportsbooks, casinos and even poker sites in the near future.

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