Optional Pay-Line Slots are a Dying Breed

slot machines

A quick walk around any land based casino gaming floor will see you coming across a fair mix of old and brand new slot machines, however it does appear that the older styled optional pay line slots are on the way out.

Most modern day and much more recently launched slots now boast fixed pay-lines or an all ways or all pays type of playing structure, and when playing such slots players are required to have to play for a set increment of coins per spin.

Therefore if any player is a good old fashioned penny slot player they are going to have to be on the lookout for the much older slots rather than brand new fully themed slots, which will allow them to put into play as many or as few pay lines as a slot has on offer, and play them for just one single penny per line activated too.

There are, of course, several reasons why many slot game designers have chosen to launch slot machines that cost more per spin by way of set increment coin settings, and it is often the case those new slots offer several progressive jackpots, which are fed by the stakes of players.

Not only that but slot machine developers can also put into place a much wider range of better paying bonus games and base game bonus features when the stakes players are playing for per spin are much higher than normal.

So players are going to have to keep that fact in mind when they plan on visiting a land based casino, and adjust their slot playing budgets to accommodate those much higher stakes per spin, unless of course they are happy to play the older and much more basic slot machines.

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