Panic after Bomb Threat at Hollywood Casino Aurora


It started out much like any other day yesterday at the Hollywood Casino in Aurora, with a small mix of gamblers inside the casino playing their favourite casino games, but their fun and enjoyment soon turned to sheer panic when the security team quickly set about evacuating the venue.

Employees and customers of the casino were quickly removed from the property, however, the security team ensured that those evacuating the venue didn’t leave via the front doors.

The reason for that is there had been an altercation minutes early with a man and an casino employee when he told the employee that he had parked outside the casino in a truck, but did so in such a way that the employee was concerned the truck may have contained a bomb.

The bomb squad and police department reacted rapidly and deployed many units to the casino, and what followed was a thorough search of not only the vehicle but also the casino property.

Fortunately nothing was found in the subsequent search, however, the man who had the threatening conversation with the employee was quickly tracked down and was arrested an hour or so after the incident.

The incident caused all manner of problems in and around the casino, for nearby businesses were also swiftly evacuated and the main road outside the casino was closed to all traffic.

It was much later in the day at 8:20pm when the all clear was given and the casino and road outside the were reopened.

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