Party Atmosphere at the Wynn Casino Everett Job Fair


Subject to state gaming regulators approval, it won’t be very long now before the Wynn Casino Everett opens its brand new shiny doors and welcomes new customers into the venue. 

Whilst those state regulators appear to have their work cut out trying to make sense of the scandal surrounding the former CEO, Steve Wynn, and could actually pull the casinos license to operate, that is something which is not expected to happen, and the casino should open on time and as planned.

However, as part of the process required opening that huge new casino resort, employees will need to be taken on, and Wynn Resorts has just held a job fair over at the Hynes Convention Center in Boston as they have a huge 5,000 positions to fill at that casino.

From all accounts the job fair was very well attended, with thousands of people turning up, however, what did surprise many of those attending was the party type atmosphere.

Each applicant was invited to have a preliminary interview, however, once that interview had taken place they were then told to wait in a special set aside room in which a games such as Jenga were being played and a DJ was banging out disco music.

It is no secret that Wynn Resorts have been having some rather unique problems recently, compounded by the sexual allegations made against Steve Wynn, but the job fair did take on a refreshing change from those the company has held in the past, and maybe the new man at the top is keen to take the company in a new direction and one that shakes off its stuffy and formal appearance.

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