PaySafeCard is a Safe and Hassle Free Casino Payment Option

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Online and mobile casino players are often a tad reluctant to give out their debit and credit card details these days, for even though all gambling sites will use the very highest security protocols on their banking interfaces, the risk of identity fraud is often on the minds of most players.

Therefore quite a number of such players will opt to use one of the many additional casino and gambling site payment options that will never require them to have to reveal their card details directly.

Whilst there are certainly no shortages of web wallets that players can use as their preferred payment option, there are often lots of fees and charges associated with using them, but there are also some payment options available that do not require users to have to pay anything extra to make use of them.

One such payment option is PaySafeCard, which is a very straight forward prepaid voucher service and one that does enable anybody wishing to gamble online to fund their account without ever having to reveal any of their personal banking information.

You can buy PaySafeCard vouchers from lots of retailers, such as Pay Point and Pay Zone outlets in the UK, or even via vending machines found in petrol stations across Europe.

In fact, most shops that offer their customers the ability of topping up their prepaid mobile phone accounts will sell PaySafeCard vouchers too.

Printed upon each voucher is a unique 19 digit PIN, and that is what needs to be entered into a casinos banking interface to get the purchase price of the voucher credited to a players casino account. 

Just be aware though, when using those prepaid vouchers they are a deposit only payment system, and as such winnings will need to be withdrawn via a different method.

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