Plague of Locusts Descend on Las Vegas

welcome to las vegas sign

Visitors to Las Vegas are always prepared to see some amazing sights, and those that have been going for years may just probably think that they have seen everything at one time or another.

However, anybody visiting Vegas can be guaranteed of seeing something new, no matter how many times they visit, but one thing that current visitors to Sin City didn’t expect they would see the other day, which they did end up seeing, was a huge plague of locusts descend and cause absolute chaos as they did so.

Not everyone has experienced locusts before, and the sight of millions of them flying around and landing on the sidewalks was way too scary for many people who hastily legged it into nearby casinos, cafes and other venues.

It should be pointed out, however, that locusts do not pose any problems or real risks to humans, and as such whilst it may annoy the hell out of people who have thousands of them flying around their heads and bodies they are not going to bite or attack people.

As for just what caused such a huge influx of locusts to arrive in Las Vegas, well the recent wet and then warm and humid weather did make Nevada the perfect breeding ground for locusts, however what many people are blissfully unaware of is that they are also attracted to neon lights.

As such if there is one thing that is always going to be found around Las Vegas it is a huge amount of neon signs, and that is the main reason that swarm of locusts decided to pay Vegas a visit, which is something that they can do and fairly regularly do every few years.

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