Plainridge Park Casino Eager to Offer Card and Table Games

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Any land based casino is only going to be able to survive and operate profitably when faced with lots of nearby competitor venues if they are able to offer the types of casino games that gamblers want to play, and over in Plainville, USA, one gambling venue is hoping they can soon start to offer a range of other gambling games to their customers.

I am of course talking about the Plainridge Park Casino, which due to some restrictions put in place when they originally applied for their casino license, were only granted permission to operate their venue as a slot machine property.

Their license permits them to operate a maximum of some 1,250 slot machines on their huge gaming floor, but currently does not allow or permit them to operate any type of gaming tables, such as Craps, Baccarat or even Blackjack.

They are, however, permitted to offer their customers the next generation of electronic table games, at which players can get stuck into playing a range of different card and table games, but ones that have their outcomes decided by random number generators.

The gaming regulator for Plainville is the Massachusetts Gaming Commission, and town officials are requesting that they look again at those licensing restrictions and allow the casino to operate card and table games so that they can compete fairly with casinos based not that far away in Rhode Island.

It is hard to see the Massachusetts Gaming Commission having any valid reason why they cannot allow the casino to offer additional card and table games, for the casino does currently employ hundreds of people and the number of employees will increase if such games are permitted on the gaming floor.

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