Players Love the Interactive Nature of Rival I-Slots

happy slots players

The majority of slot players are going to make a beeline to play a range of slots that they enjoy the most, and the reasons they enjoy playing certain slots is that they could come with a theme, bonus games or bonus features they find appealing.

Online slot machine designers and developers however, are always battling against each other to bring out slots that players cannot get enough of playing, and sometimes such a company can hit the jackpot, so to speak, when they do design a series of slots players cannot get enough of.

That is what one company, Rival appear to have done with their range of i-Slots, those being fully interactive slot games which offer unfolding stories as they are played along with bonus games and features that totally envelop players.

One word of advice though, for anybody who does fancy giving those i-Slots from Rival any amount of play time, is that they do each come with a different long term expected RTP, and some of them are quite low whilst some of those i-Slots boast higher than average payout percentages.

As for just which i-slots players should be playing, they include the Cosmic Quest Mystery Planets which has a huge RTP of some 98.95%, and also the As the Reels Turn the Gamble slot, for that too has been designed with a higher than average RTP which for reference is 97.00%.

Rival do, of course, design and launch standard video slot machines, and a couple of them that also boast high RTP’s include the Doo-Wop Daddy-O slot which has a payout percentage of some 98.79% and the Bust a Vault slot on which players will find an RTP of 97.45%.

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