Poker Player Robbed at Gunpoint at the Rio Casino

Robber with gun grabbing money from victim

Most gamblers have been there, winning a huge amount of cash inside a casino, and then making the wise decision to call it a day and leave with a large amount of cash in their pockets.

Personal security often gets forgotten about when gamblers win big, and most of them will simply want to get home as quickly as they can do with their newfound wealth and not risk losing it back to the casino on the day that they won it.

Well, that is something that Joey Sal experienced recently, for he has been playing in the World Series of Poker tournament over at the Rio Casino and Hotel in Las Vegas, and having won a total of around $8,000 playing, he decided to call it a day and head home for the night.

However, as the left the casino at approximately 4am in the morning, he was held up at gunpoint and relieved of his winnings.

Speaking of the robbery, he said that he feels bad for anyone that reaches a point in their life when someone feels that they have to rob innocent people at gunpoint, however he isn’t going to let that terrible and costly event put him off playing poker in the future.

Caesars Entertainment, the owners of the Rio have stated that they are assisting police with their enquiries and have also gone on record to remind all customers of their properties that security escorts are always available 24 hours a day to gamblers leaving any of their casinos.

However, Sal did say that the casino was very busy when he left and as such that coupled with the huge number of poker players in the venue too, getting a security escort would have taken far too long to arrange, hence him not bothering to request one.

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