Police Officer Shot at the Bellagio Casino


The Las Vegas Police Department have just released details of the attempted heist at the Bellagio Casino, and sadly it appears one police officer was shot in the attempted robbery along with the robbery suspect.

At 9:45pm last night the robbery suspect pulled a gun on staff at the cashier’s cage in the poker area of the Bellagio Casino, he then made a dash for the north exit doors of the property and attempted to steal a car from someone that had just pulled up in their vehicle outside the casino.

It was at the point in time four police officers appeared and he fired a shot at them, shooting one officer in the chest, fortunately the officer was wearing a bullet proof vest and wasn’t seriously injured, in fact that officer has now been released from hospital where he was taken as a precaution.

One police officer returned fire and one of the shots hit the suspect who was rushed to hospital where he remains in a critical condition.

There is, of course, always going to be a risk that somebody will attempt to pull off a robbery of a similar nature to the one described above. However, with the increased security at all casinos up and down the Las Vegas Strip the chances of someone getting away with it are minimal.

All casinos, much more so after the Vegas shootings, have massively increased the number of security patrols in and around their respective properties and police officers patrol the area on foot at all times of the night and day, too.

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