Pope County Casino Proposal

Businessman walking towards his ambition

It can be hard to get a casino license these days, and when you have to get approval from state regulators and then convince the local residents that a casino resort will be beneficial to the surrounding area, many such applications can fall at the first hurdle.

However, over in Pope County things are looking promising for the Gulfside Casino Partnership, for they have already got the backing of the local County Judge, Jim Ed Gibson, and all that needs to happen now is for the Arkansas Racing Commission to give the project the green light.

What Gulfside will be committing to build, if that approval is forthcoming, is a huge casino resort and to make that into a reality they have set aside a budget of $250million.

On the positive side of their application they say that the new Pope County casino resort will create some 1500 brand new jobs for the local area, and will of course help the local economy by way of millions of dollars in taxes, too.

This application was only possible thanks to a change in the Arkansas Constitution which was voted in last month, which in a nutshell allows local leaders to select who is permitted to apply for any casino licenses in their community.

If all goes to plan the brand new casino resort could be built and trading in or around mid 2020, and with their vast and many years of experience in operating casinos, Gulfside will see that venue will become a sister property to the Island View Casino Resort, which they also operate.

There is expected to be some objections as there usually is to the casino application, but by having the County Judge onside that will obviously shine a positive light on their application.

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